Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wanna be an FA??

Faculty Associate Applications

So. In response to those who want to know about our faculty associate positions (you know you want to be one), here is the the info we can give you now.

Applications will be due on Monday, March 2 (2009?? already??). So don't worry, you've got some time. We always love to have former cherubs apply, we think they make for the best FA's! Application availability will be posted here of course, but it probably won't be for another month or two. You'll be able to download those from the official website, conveniently listed at the top of this page, when they're ready.

It's important to note that FA's should ideally be in between their junior and senior years of college, but we have accepted younger ones in the past. So if you're in college and not going to graduate in 2009, you should apply!

On a completely unrelated note...

My fantasy football team emerged victorious this weekend, for only the second time this season. As the fantasy crowd cheered, the team dumped a fantastical jug of Gatorade on the fantastic coach. Fantastically.

Also, it's time for a new poll question! I have one in mind, but in spirit of a participatory Forum, if you have a suggestion, email it to nhsi@northwestern.edu . The most interesting question will be posted as a new poll (so make sure you give us answers to choose from as well) on Thursday morning!

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Lynn Baber said...

Theatre Arts Faculty Associates will be a combination of former Cherubs and NON-former Cherubs. Having been a Cherub doesn't actually give you an edge in getting hired for this job.

And the deadline might be earlier this year. Start your application in January and plan to be done with it in early February.