Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Poll Question!

In light of the recent discovery of Nose-flutes (found by unnamed NHSI office employees), an NHSI Nose-flute band has been formed. But we need your help in choosing a name! Our current repertoire includes these classic favorite songs:

-Iron Man
-Row, Row, Row Your Boat
-Oh La La, Quelle Famille!
-Carol of the Bells
-The Notre Dame Fight Song
-Retrouver Mon Chien
-Day Man
-Little Drummer Boy (Ruth, solo)
-The Andy Griffith Show theme song ('Let's Go To the Swimmin' Hole')

Let us know if there's any other song you'd like to hear us perform or that should be featured on our upcoming Holiday Album.


Nick Keenan said...

I am going to design a show using only nose flutes now.

Don't say I didn't warn you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Can you please make a post about information about applying to the nhsi cherub program this summer? when applications will be posted? that kind of thing. thanks

Jeremy Hanna said...

First of all, I think its awesome that you guys are posting things other than cherubs information. I think it shows how truly unioque this program is.

And to answer the question

Cherubs: We don't just play harps anymore

Anonymous said...

eye of the tiger, obviously.

Dandolion said...

You would have to get permission from the 1982 class to use it.
We had a group that sang the chorus of "Black Water" I love their name "Sly Boots"
They were:
Craig Bierko, Andy Paris and ?

–Cherub 38 (1982)