Thursday, October 16, 2008

News from cherub central

The five week dates for summer 2009 have been set.
Theatre - June 28 to August 2
Film - June 28 to August 1
Music & Journalism- June 28 to July 31

Seven week musical theatre
June 28 to August 15

Stay tuned for more info.


seanx said...

As I remember it, we all came and went around the same time. It's so 21st century now.
Oy. I feel old.

Nathan said...

I just LOVE that there is a cherub blog now! It's soo fabulous!!!

Jeff Irlbeck said...

Do any past faculty associates have any words of advice for up and coming fac-asses? I'm in my Junior year of college, and my opportunity to apply has finally come! Should I get it in super early? Will being a past cherub help my chances? What kinds of things do I put as my "speciality"?? Any help would be appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been trying to find out when they will be posting the journalism cherub applications for the 2009 summer. Do you have any information about when they will be available?