Thursday, January 29, 2009

And the answer is...

Garnishing only 3 correct votes - I KNEW I WAS A ZOMBIE WHEN!!

Believe it or not, the other three were actual titles dreamed up by our imaginative students.

"Mayor McMonkey" (1992) was written and directed by Ryan Thompson and John Hoelle and ends in a dramatic shootout in the Campus Drive parking garage.

"Jakob: Swedish Sex Object Phenomenon," (1997) written by Sam Mestman, proves that if you wear a baby blue suit, a Burger King crown, carry a cane, and walk around to the music of the BeeGee's, you TOO you can be the envy of every Jack and Jane on the block.

"Oh My God! It's Raining Toothpicks," (1998) was directed by Matthew Solmos. Shot on 16mm film, this project depicts a girl who slowly duct tapes herself to a stop sign. What's the deeper meaning? We're calling on Matt to tell us!


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